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Flexible learning solutions for employees and businesses

Essential course

Practical AI Skills

01. For Employees

Advance Your Career with AI:

Experience learning that keeps up with your pace through our mobile-first app. Designed for the dynamic educator, it offers adaptive, 'on-the-go' instruction that fits into your busy schedule.

Engage with our intuitive, free courses anytime, anywhere.

02. For Employers

Enhance Team Productivity:

Engage in face-to-face workshops to explore tools, resources, and methods proven to increase efficiency.

Receive a curated list of approved tools tailored to streamline demanding tasks and provide your team with additional resources for continuous improvement.

03. For Executives

Leverage Industry Insights:

Obtain critical data-driven insights to identify growth opportunities and benchmark against industry standards.

Upskill your team with targeted knowledge to enhance performance and achieve results faster.

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Up-To-Date Content Library

Unlike upskilling platforms Coursera and LinkedIn Learning, our platform content is updated weekly, keeping you and your team aware of the latest tools available.

Personalised Upskilling

Our technology turns AI from a threat to an ally, showcasing the tools & safety procedures that help teams automate repetitive tasks and focus on work they enjoy.

Fun, Bite-Sized Learning

Our gamified mobile-first platform boasts application rates of 90%, ensuring learning drives material return on your investment.

Choose from 120+ lessons


AI Literacy: Understanding Basics

AI Fluency for Tomorrow's World: Equip yourself with the ability to recognise AI's role in everyday life, distinguish its key concepts, and foresee its advancements, making you AI-literate in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

1. AI Recognition: Identify AI applications in everyday scenarios.

2. Understanding AI Concepts: Distinguish between AI, machine learning, and deep learning.

3. AI Capabilities: Recognise what AI can and cannot achieve.

4. Learning Processes: Comprehend how AI systems learn and adapt.

5. Forecasting AI Trends: Predict major advancements in AI technology.


Strategy: AI for Innovation

Automate for Productivity and Precision: Streamline and automate workflows with AI, from document management to scheduling, enhancing productivity, accuracy, and efficiency in every task.

1. Document Management: Automate sorting, tagging, and organising documents.

2. Email Optimisation: Prioritise, suggest responses, and filter spam.

3. Project Management: Track progress, predict delays, and allocate resources.

3. Data Entry Automation: Extract and input data automatically.

5. Scheduling Made Simple: Manage calendars and schedule meetings effortlessly.


Prompt Engineering: Effective AI Interactions

Master the Art of Conversation with AI: Enhance your interactions with AI and learn to craft prompts that enhance creativity, accuracy, and utility across applications.

1. Prompt Engineering Basics: Understand how to create effective AI prompts.

2. Creative Prompt Design: Discover methods to inspire AI for creative outputs.

3. Accuracy Optimisation: Learn to refine prompts for more precise AI responses.

4. Interactive Chatbots: Build engaging AI chatbot prompts.

5. Advanced Techniques: Explore complex strategies in prompt engineering.

Features and benefits

Safeguard Your Employability

Within the next few years, Harvard Business Review predicts that new automation technologies are likely to eliminate 14% of the world's jobs and radically transform another 32%.

Boost Your Decision Making

AI’s analytical ability to quickly process and interpret large amounts of data, means quicker and more informed decision-making, and reduced risk of incorrect assumptions.

Improve Your Productivity

A recent study by National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), found workers using ChatGPT or similar large language models as a tool saw a 40% increase in their productivity.

University-Grade Curriculums

Our course material is provided by leading experts from Johns Hopkins University and Loyola University, Maryland providing immutable, secure, and globally-recognised proof of your place as an expert in the latest AI tools and techniques.


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Our focus on real-world application, stringent data security, and advanced automation boosts productivity by up to 40%, leveraging proprietary technology, strategic change management, and data.

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